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    AG现金网站"I promise," said Henry. "Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I will come."


    "Yes, if you want to know, it could. But she hates me now. She says she won't marry me—she does really. And this was all before I knew you. If it had happened after I knew you it would be different. But you're the only woman I've ever loved, you are truly. I'm not much of a fellow in many ways, I know, but you can make anything of me. And if you turn me down I'll go utterly to pieces. There's never been any one since I first saw you."
    "If she's like that," said Henry angrily, "then all the more I've got to get the girl out of it."
    "Won't you lie down on the bed?" he said. "And I'll sit here, quite close, where I can see you. And I'll take your hand if you don't mind. I suppose we shan't meet for a long time again, and then we shall be so old that it will all be quite different. I shall never have a moment like this again, and I want to make the very most of it and then remember every instant so long as I live!"


    1.She moved then ever so slightly. In a hoarse whisper she said: "I want to speak to Mr. Westcott."
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    3."That's nothing," said Mrs. Tenssen, as though falling down in Piccadilly were part of every one's daily programme.
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